RoofArt offers a complete solution for your roof. The set includes all the accessories that ensure hermetic sealing of the roof: anti-condensation foil, ridges, valleys, screws, rivets, etc. Sheet accessories and tile panels are of the same quality and colour, which provide a uniform appearance to your roof.

3 models



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Premium Standard Econom
Steel sheet country of origin Sweden, SSAB Sweden, SSAB South Coreea, Keo Sang
Steel sheet thickness 0,5 (0,55) mm 0,45 (0,47) mm 0,45 (0,47) mm
Zinc layer thickness 275 g/m² 225 g/m² 220 g/m²
Overlay GreenCoat RWS GreenCoat RWS Polyester
Primer the paint color the paint color white
Average lifespan 50 years 50 years 50 years
Warranty against corrosion 30 years 30 years 10 years
Warranty for color 15 years 15 years 3 years



Screws 48x35 mm

Gutter hook bender